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Vanellope gasped as soon as she looked up to see him. Oh code this was bad, this was really really bad.

When his cane came slamming down she scurried back a few feet, his cane landing where her foot would’ve been.

Her breath was in short frightened breaths. “I was..g-getting liquorish.” She gulped, a troublesome glitch running through her body.


The Gardens weren’t particularly thick. They circled the castle, their boundary marked by fancy gold fencing. Intermittently, a pitchfork jutted from the perfectly manicured grass, a flaming marshmallow impaled on the prongs (some rumours said that was where the marshmallow camera-men ended up if they took a bad photo of the King, and he’d never completely DENIED that), or a bed of strawberry-scented chocolate roses bloomed a myriad of colours, like cream and light pink and pink and a slightly darker pink. They usually spelled out his face or his sigil, an ornate “KC” twisting gaily on a bed of white.

The OTHER borders were two rows of candy-cane trees, looming over the grass and casting their shadows on the pair. One looped around the castle, so that the sides of the majestic structure peeped over the top, while the other waited in front of the fences, concealing both them and the bubbling moat behind.

Either way, the place was secluded enough that nobody appeared to be watching the pair of them. That was always a dangerous thought. 

"Well that’th a surprise. If you’re ROBBING me, hah, I-I thought you’d try THTEALING a 100 GRAND~!"

He tossed the candy bar onto the floor, with a dull thump on the wet grass, and gave a jovial smile. His gaze didn’t leave Vanellope, and his smile stayed on his face even as it left his eyes. His tone was deceptively quiet.

"Shame you’re treth~passing. And I’ll bet dollarth ta donutth you’re making a KART again. And the WORTHT thing is, you’re putting my GARDEN out of ORDER!”

He took a meaningful step towards her, twirling his cane lightly. 

"And ath we both KNOW, hah, you’ve just got a PENCHANT for trying ta PUT thingth out of ORDER, don’t ya~?”

Lettin’ It Go


Elsa’s never ridden as a passenger before. In a chariot, certainly, but never on her personal horse. So, truth be told, this whole experience is new for her. And, she’s certain her steed has been wanting a chance to finally fun free for quite some time. Elsa never has been one to let go and let herself have fun. Especially not fun of the slightly dangerous variety.

The Queen bounces with every powerful gallop of the horse’s hooves, holding on tightly so she doesn’t fly off from the speed. She’s honestly surprised she doesn’t, what with being behind Candy and wearing a startlingly large cape for such an event. The fact that she doesn’t up and fly away is a feat in itself.

Elsa bows over slightly, making herself smaller so the cold night air doesn’t drag them down as much, and pulls her cape around herself. The frost and snow doesn’t  phase her even a little, in fact, as far as she’s concerned it’s a summer breeze against her ivory skin. Hopefully her “partner” won’t leave the game ill. But, despite every reason she has to be absolutely terrified, the woman actually releases a soft, almost inaudible giggle of delight as the royal horse leaps over a fallen tree in it’s path. At least she can trust her driver to not get them both killed.

Behind them, some distance away, the cheerful whooping of Elsa’s younger sister can be heard over the wind and stomping of hooves on the snow. Elsa looks about, unable to see them anywhere but that doesn’t mean they can’t be near. And somewhere in the distance the thundering of the  other racers chasing after  them can be heard. But they haven’t got a chance.

With one hand placed gently on his shoulder, Elsa returns the smile.

Speaking up over the wind Elsa tells him, “I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised that you’re as good at this as you said.”

"Of COURTHE ya shouldn’t!"

The King grinned, baring his teeth against the biting wind. The speed of the sled whipped up the chill and lashed it across his cheeks, deadening his nerves. A thousand capilliaries burst into bloom, and the omnipresent rosy blush on his cheeks intensified, fighting against the pale mottling the rest of his face.

It was COLD outside. Elsa didn’t seem fazed - sure, she was wrapped up warm, but the queen’s alabaster skin wasn’t flushing or paling an inch. Her eyes had changed, though, just a little bit. A kind of excited thrill was creeping into them, peeping out and lighting up some kind of whole new beauty within, like light glittering through an icicle.

The thundering hooves of what passed for competition around here were drowned into snow and roaring wind. Elsa’s hand was rested on the little man’s shoulder with another on the reins. The King shivered, reflexively - somehow, despite everything, she was colder than the wind. 

He shrugged it off, although not literally. That’d probably throw her off the sled, especially right now when really they urgently needed to 


Raw passion blazed in the monarch’s brown eyes like someone’d electrified a chocolate pool. He LOVED hairpins. The horse gave a bellowing whinny, hauling itself to the right as the reins and harness rattled like a second skeleton, digging into pumping muscle and heaving flank. The animal barely even noticed.

The sled actually lifted off the ground entirely, for one heart-stopping moment, before slamming back down onto the snow with a THUMP. Sparks flew from the treads as the sled wobbled back into a straight line, kicking up flurries of snow, and the pair of royals were on the inside track around the fjord.


The self-proclaimed king of karts bounced in his seat.

"Oh, there isn’t a thport LIKE it, dear~!"

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newglitch-ingame-deactivated201 asked:

"Who are you?"



…who am

Well ex~CUSE YOU, my dear! Ahoohoo! It-it’th been a fudgin’ MONTH! Unlesth you’ve been living under a, thome kind of WHIM~sical CANDY-coated ROCK for the latht 17 years! PLEATHE~!

I am King CANDY the FIRST of SUGAR Rush, the ‘ah little racing game YOU live in! Or I was, aha, u-until very RECENTLY! I’m now, hah, in~between GAMETH, you understand. But I’m STILL the greatest RACER who ever LIVED! Show re~SPECT, please!

Although I must con~FESTH I prefer ta go by TURBO these days. The hah, the only GOOD part of that little CY~bug fiasco ith I get ta use my own tracking NAME now. Hah.

"Hey, I wasn’t here when ya were the 'royal Mr. king thing’, now was I?”image

"Unless ya gots a bad memory, ya should know that."

"My MEMORY’TH fine.”

The insect glared, his single eye flecked with angry red veins and a burning yellow. He spat his retort out a tad too defensively - one of the lovely upshots of being a Cybrid was that your memories gradually leaked out as the insect within burrowed its way to the forefront. In the wide and empty cold of his Minecraft castle, that was what kept him up at night. 

"So ya weren’t THERE well-well someone shoulda MENTIONED me, SURELY! Or-or there’d be STORIETH, PORTRAITS, great WORKTH…"

He didn’t know how much of himself had survived in Sugar Rush. Though he’d knitted his identity snugly into the very web of that game’s tapestry over the years, a hard reset would probably have erased all traces of the duplicitious intruder entirely.

His glare was less furious, now. More sullen.

"Tho who the track are YOU~?"

newglitch-ingame-deactivated201 asked:

"Who are you?"

…who am

Well ex~CUSE YOU, my dear! Ahoohoo! It-it’th been a fudgin’ MONTH! Unlesth you’ve been living under a, thome kind of WHIM~sical CANDY-coated ROCK for the latht 17 years! PLEATHE~!

I am King CANDY the FIRST of SUGAR Rush, the ‘ah little racing game YOU live in! Or I was, aha, u-until very RECENTLY! I’m now, hah, in~between GAMETH, you understand. But I’m STILL the greatest RACER who ever LIVED! Show re~SPECT, please!

Although I must con~FESTH I prefer ta go by TURBO these days. The hah, the only GOOD part of that little CY~bug fiasco ith I get ta use my own tracking NAME now. Hah.



Vanellope smiled as she snuck into the royal gardens, everyone knows that the garden has the best liquorish vines. And those were just what she needed for her peddle kart engine. Once she got what she needed she made a brake for it. But ended up bumping into the king, making her glitch.



The girl landed, with an unceremonious thump, onto the sugary ground. Crumbs skittered away from her feet, as if hurriedly trying to get away from some terrible omen, and dust billowed up to creep up her nostrils and scratch her throat.

The little man glitched violently. His figure warped out of coherency, and for a second the King of Sugar Rush was nothing more than a cloud of angry red binary and glaring yellow eyes. And then he was HIM again, dressed in his usual whimsical frippery and staring at the girl on the floor like a particularly disgusting rodent.

"…I’m guesthing that was a MISTAKE, huh~? Jutht like your~SELF, hoohoohoo~!"

He grinned nastily, slamming his cane down on the floor and leaning on it lazily as he peered down at her prone form.

"Now what’re you doing in my GARDENTH~?"



"Well then how do you ex~PLAIN THAT, young LADY~?!"

With a prim little snort, the diminutive monarch jabbed his cane at the - well, if you were being charitable, you might call it a kart. If you were less so, you could call it a carefully-arranged pile of garbage. Either way, King Candy was staring at it like you might at a particularly twitchy insect crawling up your leg.

“‘Cauthe I mean it LOOKTH like an ill~ICIT VEH~icle, now DOESN’T it? Tsk~!”

[☆]—> The glitch rolled her hazel eyes. What was so bad about making a kart, anyways? It wasn’t like she could enter a race without a coin.

"Uh, ‘s this thing called a kart. Don’t ya know what that is?" being sarcastic with the King wasn’t a very smart idea. But did she care? Not at the moment, at least.

By all rights, he should have expected that little barb, but a flash of shocked irritation burned through the little man’s rosy, plump face. It wasn’t as if he got much sass from HIS citizens, in HIS game.

But then she wasn’t exactly a real part of his game, was she.

He smiled, as if at some private joke whispered to him by the whistling wind, and strode past her to look the kart up and down. He gave an exaggerated grimace.

"Well I wouldn’t call that a KART, hah~! I-I-I mean I’d thay it’s GARBAGE but ya know GAR~bage, hoohoo, can actually serve a PURPOSE, you know~?"

He turned to face her, sticking his arms out. Entirely accidentally, this meant his cane was stretched out, and smashed through her windscreen with one deceptively simple movement. Glass tinkled forlornly to the floor.

"I mean it doesn’t even have an ENGINE~!"

One-And-A-Half Turbos


“Try it and you’ll be eating your own—“ Reboot muttered some half-assed threat or another as Karts eyed his car like choice prey. Lag blocked the red-themed racer out entirely, focusing all of his attention on the cybrid falling apart on his front lawn.

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Karts’ own falling-apart was getting a little more rapid, as his regenerative processes kicked in slowly. Outside his game, with his code Litwak-knows-where, he wouldn’t be fixed right away - it’d take months, and bits might never be fixed at all. Still, his code stubbornly hissed and fritzed as it tried to stretch across the holes in his texture and shed the dead flesh. A glob of melted plastic fell from the corner of his bowtie (which was cooling, if not entirely cool), and blackened flakes of dead carapace crumbled faintly from the edges to reveal millimetres of raw purple shell beneath.

His gaze flicked back over to the void-black sprite holding the precious code - the tiny spark of life - in his hands. That had been fast. The insect nodded, the wires looping up his neck wibbling faintly.

"You do what you’ve gotta DO, ahoo. If I don’t LIKE it I can take it out my~THELF~!"

Territorial instinct was creeping through his mind, but at the end of the day a free upgrade was a free upgrade. Lag didn’t seem hostile, and seemed to know what he was doing - well, he seemed to know enough. And even if the kart - car, technically - was perfect he’d probably spend a few days tinkering with it and sticking bits on and off, just in case. His car was his car, after all. 

The bug’s talon fingers clicked idly on the floor as he drummed them, a few warping noises providing an quiet, impromptu bassline. 

"Then I thu~PPOSE I’ll be on my merry WAY."

His gaze shifted to Reboot, insufferably smug.

"Unless ya wanna throw in the GUIDED tour, aha~!"

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There were a lot of people wondering what KCB’s transformation looked like after being devoured by the cybug, which inspired me to try animating how it might’ve looked like.
This took me about 8 months on and off, and i’m pretty sure i’m not gonna be animating something with so many legs and stripes again any time soon but it was still fun to make

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