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Despite her appearance changing and her now chilly exterior, on the inside Elsa can’t help but feel… Bad. And not in the way she’s programmed to be. Not in the villainous sense.. But she feels… Guilty in a way. There’s so much she still hasn’t said and now she isn’t sure she even should say it… That look on his face when he heard who she really is… How could she possibly tell him now that this is what she was intended to be all along? Elsa’s never really been good at making friends. Being herself and becoming comfortable in another’s company has never come easily. But she managed it with Candy.. She doesn’t want- No. She can’t lose that because of this. Bad Guy or not. 

"That’s a little harsh, isn’t it? I’m sure there’s something in the game worth keeping…" Elsa muses, following the man into the dimly lit kitchen. The clicking of her high heels rivals the echoing clacks of his cane, "Though…. A Princess?”

Th Queen’s brow knits at the thought. Why a Princess?

"A bit of a step down isn’t it? A King to a Princess? I mean- What is it people have against Queens?” She shakes her head in frustration, moving around one of the ready to use work stations, “There’s more to royalty than just being cute and wearing pretty dresses… And that’s all Princesses any more seem to be good for.”

No offense to her dear sister. She’s an exception to the rule.

"Anyway- I’m sure you want to keep your mind off of those things." She waves it off, moving to stand beside him at a respectful distance. She listens to him prattle on about her change, her smile faltering briefly as he stutters.. He’s not comfortable with this, she can tell… Or, at the very least, he’s surprised. But who wouldn’t be?  But at least he’s trying to act like it doesn’t bother him. And what better way to raise one’s spirit than with chocolate. You won’t hear Elsa complaining about that. Not a peep.

With a sigh, Elsa summons up a chair for herself, without thinking to warn him. Ice appears from thin air, snow flakes swirling whimsically through the darkness of the room to collect around Elsa. A rather basic chair is formed where there was none and the Queen lowers herself into it, slightly more hunched than usual.

"If I’m honest, It’s not an easy change…" She admits, "But I wouldn’t have done it for any reason except to save my game… It’s a long story but, in short, a man from my game tried to do away with me by breaking up my code so he could make himself the hero and turn Anna into the new… Damsel in Distress as you put it.. And in the struggle this-" She gestures once again to herself- "Happened. I couldn’t let him do that to her. She’s the Hero…."

She chuckles grimly, straightening out her back and pushing back her bangs from her face. It’s not proper for a Queen to complain or whine… Or to really show self pity in any form.. Then others would pity her. Then try and use it against her.

"But enough about me and my sob story…" She summons up her composure and gives a surprisingly warm smile despite her cold exterior. For a moment her expression thaws into one similar to one seen on her old face. Despite the changes and the new habits picked up here and there, she’s still Elsa on the inside.

"I’m… Sorry to hear about your situation.." She starts, carefully reaching out to place a finally- after so many months- un-gloved hand on his shoulder, "I know what it’s like to have something and lose it and have to make it on your own… And while you may not do "Charity”, my court always has room for friends if you ever want a place to stay with a roof over your head. I mean, I do have two castles after all..”

The greatest perk- Aside from a grip on her powers- of this new life is that the gorgeous Ice Palace atop the north mountain is all hers now. And it’s got a snowman monster to guard it from any and all unwanted guests. It’s the perfect getaway.

"You know… If you don’t have a better option that is… Entirely up to you." She pulls back her arm to set her hands neatly in her lap with something of a bashful smile. She’s never really been an emotionally forward person. Now that she doesn’t feel so afraid of herself she’s learning to be more open. She’s just a little… Clumsy at it.. At those cursed bangs continue fall right back in front of her eyes when she talks to people. It’s like they know she wants to hide.

…King Candy considered it, for a long moment, even as the bashful Queen in front of him fiddled with her bangs and leaned back on her icy throne (which was a DAMN cool trick, by the way. Literally). She seemed like herself again, totally so, for a moment - not quite as reclusive, but warmer. Well, as warm as she could get.

He technically had some real-estate over in Minecraft that he’d built with his own two claws and some coding tricks - a pink castle, with soft woolen surfaces, giant furniture, corridors of warm blackness punctuated by specks of candle-flame, and a plethora of warm furry bodies and small heartbeats in the tamed ocelots that weaved around him. Outsiders, ones who weren’t King Candy and who didn’t vehemently deny any slip towards his baser instincts, might have compared it to some sort of nest.

BUT, expanding was good. Turbo’d always thought that, and Cy-bugs thought it even more. Cold was even better. He touched the scarred side of his face, lightly and subconsciously as a few angry bytes of memory sizzled in his code. Oh, cold was BRILLIANT.

He didn’t swallow his pride - the sheer size of it meant he’d probably choke. But he stepped forward to peer up at her, loosening his bowtie a bit. 

"WELL. Ath it HAPPENS, hoo, I-I’m not exactly HOME~lesth, and in FACT I’m looking for o~PENINGTH in any other RACING game if they’re NEEDED but ‘ah-"

He cleared his throat, eyes darting every which way, and blushed a light shade of strawberry pink on the side of his face that still could. This was perilously close to admitting defeat.

"…if you’d be tho kind, I-I’d app~reciate it.” He flashed a wan smile, exuding his own little brand of warmth, before flouncing over to the hot chocolate again.

"Ath for the PRIN~cesseth thing well I just don’t KNOW, you know. Hah~! They’re not ALL WATH~trels, you know, I-I mean ya ever meet Peach?" With a hop, and a flit of his wings, he zizzed up to the higher cupboards to grab some mugs - reaching tall shelves was a useful if mundane perk of horrific viral mutation. "YETH, the woman’s practically got a kidnapping ROTA going on there but she driveth a MEAN race-car! Came close ta beating ME, ahoo, b-back in the Game Central Grand PRIX of 2002~!"

He turned his head, and offered her a wink.

Close.” He tittered, before pivoting on his heel. The kettle sang, a long, high note. He plucked the brass object up, daintily, and poured it in with a showy gesture.

A keen eye - someone keeping an eye on the little man’s movements - would have seen him shake, just a little. This was, after all, very hot water.

"Jutht have ta add the MIX! In the MEAN~time, hah, we can talk about your situation. The rumourth out~SIDE…well, they haven’t been KIND. To be HON~etht, I was expecting a lot WORSE."

He turned to her again, mixing cocoa powder with water with the little teaspoon balanced carefully in his claws. His expression was harder, and his tone had shifted - to that the parent who’d found his kid sticking forks in the electrical outlet.

"Spriteth…well, they’re PANICKY little bathtards, if ya pardon my Q*Bert~ESE. If you’re gonna make some big CHANGE, ya do it QUIETLY." The stirring intensified, a few telltale clatters ringing out from the sides of the mug. "I-I mean there’th folks out THERE, hoo, a-and they’re talking about VIRUTHES! Having this game SWEEPED!”

He stopped, and put the cups down. Two little marshmallows, lightly browned. Dropped into the hot chocolate and left to bob in a rich brown pool. 

The King heads over, clutching the mugs by their handles. His moods had always tended to swing about a bit, and now he was back to Conversational Friend. He passed Elsa hers, giving her a amiable pat on the shoulder.

"That’th why I CAME here. Ta see for my~SELF. And to HELP you, of courthe, i-if needed."

He gave her a wry smile, his free hand resting on his puffy little hip. He’d seen those ice sculptures on the way in. How very realistic. He’d almost heard them screaming.

"Though it SOUNDTH like you’ve been handling YOURSELF."


You might have the throne,
                   The crown you earned,

but step away
step away and see,
that the high mountain you sit on,
is made of people you once held dear.

                        The people you betrayed,
                             you slayed,
                               and who died for you


Anonymous asked:

how do you unlock sticky wipplesnit, torvald batterbutter, citrusella fluggerbutter, and nougetsia brumblestain. and vanellope

….you’re a little LATE, kid.

I believe that MOST of thothe CHAR~acters get unlocked if ya play through the GAME~! Hoohoo!

(‘Courthe, the one code ya need ta make the game worth PLAYING’D be kingcandy. If ya want ta WIN, that is~)

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