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Guardians of the Galaxy Inspired Memes -- Send one for my muses reaction

  • "I'm gonna die, surrounded by the biggest idiots in the galaxy."

  • "You just want to suck the joy out of everything!"

  • "I look around, and you know what i see? Losers!"

  • "I didn't ask to be torn apart and put back together again."

  • "If we're gonna work together you might wanna try trusting me a little bit."

  • "Quit smiling you idiot, we're supposed to be professionals."

  • "You are the one person that I do NOT take seriously."

  • "I don't learn. One of my issues."

  • "I wasn't listening, I was thinking of something else."

  • "Why would you want to save the galaxy?"

  • "There's a little pee coming out of me."

  • "I like your knife, I'm keeping it."

  • "Where did you learn to do that?"

  • "I will no longer be your slave!"

  • "Dance-off, bro. Me and you."

  • "I have PART of a plan!"

  • "They got my dick message!"

  • "I am not a princess!"


WiR - The President Wants To See You (POTENTIAL SPOILERS)

"Oh no dearsth, you don’t understhtand! It isth I, your sthugar-coated monarch, Kin-"
"Yeeaahh… trust me Candy, we know full well who you are, and the President wants to see you right now."
"Th-The ‘Presthident’?"

Oh King Candy, you’re in the sh*t now. Another scene from the potential fancomic I really want to do but probably shouldn’t do. Taffyta, Candlehead and Rancis (though he’s not here because he’d ruin the ssyyymmmeeettrrryyy, sorry Rancis) are out testing their wheels when they come across respawned Turbo-less King Candy. Taffyta relishes the chance to rough him up a bit, terrorising him into thinking the almighty mysterious President is going to execute him.

P.S. Since I had comments on my last WiR piece from people saying they were making fanfiction of the same idea, I’m sorry if your fanfiction includes something like this and I’ve went and drawn it! I haven’t read any WiR fanfiction, and I only saw this film for the first time last week, so I’m probably having all the ideas all the US fans had back in November or whenever it was released there.



Another vote. Turbotastic. 8)

Speaking of that stuff though, how’s that car working out for you?

Well at the MOMENT, pretty Turbo-TASTICALLY~!

(I know, and it came outta your game, I’m shocked~ Hoohoo!)

I might start coll~ECTING them. VEHI~cleth. Giveth me something ta DO while I’m looking around RACING GAMES, ya know~? But ‘ah since the ol’ Royal RACER’S gone, this’ll do as my MAIN RIDE, so ta speak. (Ith that what the kids call it?)

…but yeth your KING a~PPRECIATES his OFFERING, hoohoo~!

(Source: thekingofkarts)

Lettin’ It Go


Even against her now reflexive urge to move away, Elsa sits still and lets him try and keep himself warm. It’s positively frigid out here. Even Kristoff- the burly, ice-loving mountain man he is- would tremble in this wind. Somehow it even seems colder than usual. 

"I’ll be alright." She assures him, "I was programmed to live here.. The cold has never really bothered me… It’s you I’m worried about."

Gingerly, Elsa roots in the darkness for the king’s cape. With one hand she pulls the long stream of fabric around his shoulders while the other insists on helping him with the reins. His suit is beginning to stiffen from the snow and drastic drop in temperature. Yes, now would be the best time to finish this. Elsa would hate for her first, personally invited guest, to leave ill and not want to return.

Glowing like a thousand candles, Arendelle comes into view in the distance. The stretch from the trees to the castle gates is a straight one and from here and the awaiting crowd is still lined along the track, waiting for the first racers to come into view. Some many feet away, making a wide circle, on a different track around the fjord, the unmistakable horns of a reindeer can be seen coming in their direction. And at an impressive speed despite the ice.

"Oh, come on…" Elsa grumbles before turning her attention back to the city.

With a lash of the reins, the two royals are yanked forward on one last little burst, one the Queen hopes will put them ahead of the Ice Master and the Princess.

Even with the music blaring into its second verse, King Candy hears the distant lollop of hooves. The telltale horns of a reindeer bob eagerly to the beat of Sven’s lurching gallop, and behind him skids a sled. It’s Anna, in the back, and that guy she was riding with hulking at the front, clutching his reins with the casually intense ease of an expert.

There’s only a little tremble in the King’s shoulders, mostly concealed by the fur-trimmed cape slouching down his back, as he gathers all his speed together for the final straight. Elsa’s slim, pale hands are gripping the reins as tightly as his, and both their gazes are locked on the incoming finish line. 

Sven’s gallop takes a noticeable angle, and gradually Kristoff and Anna’s sled makes an arcing turn across the thick, snowy ice, joining the straight behind Elsa and the King. Too close, in the King’s opinion. 

"The ICE~man COMETH." He growled, gritting chattering teeth.

Elsa lashes the reins a final time on the stallion’s flank, heaving and a touch sodden from melted snow. The horse picks up its pace one final time, and as the sound of Sven’s approaching gallop gets closer and closer, the speed of his own pounding hooves rises with it…

…and then they’re over the line.

The little man let out an ecstatic cheer, pumping both arms in the air and giving a pair of exuberant thumbs-up. He reached over to stroke the horse’s side before leaping off the sled as it slowed to a halt. He skid a little on the icy cobbles, wobbling, before helping Elsa off the sled as Kristoff and Anna rolled in.

"That wath AMAZING! That wath just sugar~TASTIC, and we were EXCELLENT, Elsa~!"

He beamed like a torch. He was significantly less warm than a torch, though, so after helping Elsa he hurriedly headed over to one bolted to the walls as a lantern. He stood underneath it, siphoning the heat as melted snow thawed on the shoulders of his suit.

"That feelth better. A little."

(Source: thekingofkarts)

queenwithoutahome asked:

Send ✘ for an unsent text!

So how didn’t you kill everyone?

I’m SERIOUS. Stewing out here without a game like some third-placer low-life…well, I’m surprised ya didn’t SNAP, ya know? That’s why I’m sending this to you. Homeless royalty. Or ya used to be. But mine’s still THERE.

What do the Players say? Is Sugar Rush still open? Did they miss me? Maybe they reset it again. I hope they unplug the damn place. I’m too good for it. 

I-I’m hungry. I’m not making it PUBLIC, I’m still in control, but moddamn it it happens. I’ve been eating the candies and the pigs and I got a SQUID once, did I tell ya? Never thought I’d get one of those unless Sour Bill brought it out on a plate!

I don’t need pity. I don’t need handouts. I’ll be just fine.

…but when I’m hungry I get in these moods, you know? My mind has wandered, that’s how Creeper’d say it. You’d like Creeper. He’d probably eat your skin. You know?

No you don’t. Do you? d̶҉o͏͘ ́̕͠y҉ó̴?͞?̸̕͘͡?̡?͡

Maybe you did kill them. Someone. One b̨́͘a̶̡͢͠d́͘ ̧̨̀͠day. Maybe that’s why you’re always so quiet. Why you’re nervous. Well, that’s just SILLY, you know!

You never had to hide it from me. :]]] ]

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